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Trekking Gears, Clothing & Equipments

Our Recommended List

  • >>1 Insulated waterproof hiking with rigid upper and thick soles.
  • >>3 pairs of warm socks and 3 pairs of lightweight socks.
  • >>1 or 2 pairs of lightweight walking or running shoes for walking around the camp.
  • >>1 warm hat or balaclava with brim to keep the sun off face and neck and a sun hat.
  • >>1 pair of insulated hiking or ski gloves, 1 or 2 walking sticks and 1 pair of mud gaiters.
  • >>1 down-filled hooded parka or goretex anarak.
  • >>2 sets of thermal underwear and 3 or 4 sets of underwear.
  • >>1 pair of warm, windproof slacks.
  • >>1 pair of shorts, 2 lighter-weight shirts, 2 woolen or flanned shirts with long sleeves and 1 or 2 warm sweaters.
  • >>Lightweight personal water container.
  • >>A water purification kit and /or iodine pills.
  • >>A lightweight daypack for carrying your own water, lunch, camera, film e.t.c.
  • >>A medium-size, sturdy duffel bag to contain all your gear and clothing.
  • >>Well insulated sleeping bag suitable for temperatures of 20 Fahrenheit.
  • >>Emergency Foil blanket.
  • >>Flashlight (with extra batteries), a head lamp will be especially useful for the last part of the climb, which is dine at night.
  • >>Dark glasses with high ultra-violet (UV) ray protection or snow goggles and sun-screen.
  • >>Lip balm containing a sun block.
  • >>UV filters for your Camera.
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    Medical Kit

  • >>A good supply of aspirin (for altitude headaches).
  • >>Altitude medication.
  • >>An Ant-biotic to use if needed.
  • >>Ant-biotic cream (for cuts and scrapes).
  • >>Band-aids and bandages.
  • >>Moleskin.
  • >>Scissors tweezers and a thermometer.
  • >>Cold/flue tablets and throat lozenges.
  • >>Medicines for stomach ailments and re-hydration sachets.